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We are a non-profit in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) accessibility and education, with a focus on computer science for low-income Thais.


Create a virtuous cycle of passionate technologists to help break down the digital divide.




Pay What You Can

Beginner, enthusiast, student, professional certification


Success in closing the digital divide is not a one shot deal and will take time.

The foundation needs to generate revenue, and not rely on donations, to ensure continuity and sustainability. We implement a structure enabling us to separate our program work from our for-profit entities and the investment of our assets.

Non-Profit != Cheap Labor: We need above market talent to help solve the complex challenges we face. As such, we need to offer above market salaries to incentivize individuals that would not otherwise participate.

The foundation also needs to lead by example; that careers in STEM are fulfilling and financially rewarding. STEM careers in Asia have been overshadowed by other professionals, and to this day, salaries are less competitive than other industries.

Our status as a non-profit should not be an excuse to uncompetitive pay; we should not require our staff to sacrifice financially when joining our cause. pay



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